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Finally! An Effective Solution to STOP Smoking Policy Abuse & Catch Smokers in the Act! Also works for VAPE DETECTION.

cigarette smoke detector productsThe Stealth Smoking Enforcement System monitors your workplace or school for you, automatically and covertly! This proven cigarette smoke detection system enables you to be in complete control while saving time and money! Simple installation anywhere, low maintenance, covert and overt cigarette smoke detector models available! <system selection guide>

Pays for itself in less than 6 weeks!

Stealth Smoking Enforcement Systems are ideal for stopping smokers in areas designated as smoke free such as bathroom or stairwell. 

Proven results for over 20 years - tailored specifically to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, apartments, vehicles, offices, and more!

Protect your employees/students from the effects of second hand cigarette smoke. Don't waste time walking the halls or checking each bathroom...allow the Stealth Smoking Enforcement System to monitor and inform you ...

Cigarette Smoke Detector can be used alone or equipped for wired, wireless, or Wi-Fi notification. Choice of alarm, strobe light, voice, pager, email, or text message output options from your cigarette smoke detector.  Our system selection guide can help you choose which cigarette smoke detector system and which stealth cigarette smoke detector options are right for you.  We manufacture and offer direct sales of all our cigarette smoke detector products and smoking enforcement systems. Contact us We'll make the choice clear.

Be alerted instantly anywhere, anytime!

Place a cigarette smoke detector inside each bathroom that is of concern.  The cigarette smoke detector is triggered immediately as the smoker lights a cigarette in the washroom.  The cigarette smoke detector can sound an alarm inside the bathroom, or alert you anywhere, anytime!  Horn, strobe, pager, cell phone, email - it's your choice!

contact us about cigarette smoke detector us to learn how a cigarette smoke detector can eliminate cigarette smoke and smoking in your washroom today!



Detector smokes out cheaters
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Be alerted instantly anywhere you are!

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